Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday carving

Carved up 5 seats tonight. Like an Idiot, I forgot to pick up an additional seat which would have made 6. So that makes three seats for the weekend so far. In other great news, My shop vac died tonight half way through my first seat. FUN! I know the problem, the brushes have burned out. To its credit, the Craftsman shop vac has been the most dependable I have found. I have had it over a year ( yeah yeah I had the warranty too!) and I run it almost everyday for one to three hours at a time! Most shop vacs i burn up after only a couple of months under that use. So I feel I got my money out of it. But it is always a hassle to have to get it replaced. my wife listens to this song all the time. Figured I'd add it to the post. for all those Full Metal Alchemist fans.

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