Monday, March 30, 2009

Anyone else Lose the "Last Snow" bet?

I did not change the tire last night because of the rain and the darkness. So what could be worse than rain? Well...SNOW! Of coarse! We got about an inch here. My dad says they got 6 inches up north of here. And I thought winter was over. Or at least global warming had stopped these cold winters. Today,I worked on building my own block plane. I 'm at an impass at the moment, with no transportation. But I will post about it later. So far, I'm encouraged by the results!


diy said...

Here I was complainingabout high wind and rain. I did notice that your tyre was only flat at the one part. Maybe a makers fault.

Handi said...

Ethan: I thought we was gonna be hit over here day before yesterday, I thought I've seen a few Small Flakes droppin.

Glad it wasn't thou. Don't lik eSnow.



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