Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Flat tire! And I'm an idiot!

Well, how can you make a wonderful Saturday end up cold, dark and gloomy? Well, Go out after 10 pm with only 4 tires and no spare. Easy! Yep, That's right, We got a flat tire and our spare is still messed up from last time. Now a wise man would have fixed the spare when they fixed the last flat. Or better yet, they would have gotten all new tires and replaced the old ones. Ah, But I'm not wise you see. And how often does a tire go flat? Well, long story short, We must have run over something and the tire went flat before we got to the store. After failing to re inflate it with our emergency compressor, We drove home and totally ruined the flat tire now beyond comprehension. FUBAR! My only consolation is that I now know that adults are just as dumb as teenagers. because I have not gotten any smarter in my old age! At least Cheryl talked me into driving it home instead of walking in the dark , in the rain, and approx, 8 miles. Now we must figure out a way to fix a shredded tire on a Sunday with no spare or money in the bank! Yeah! Oh, and I did manage to carve tonight. After all that, I still have to make the Doughnuts. Hope your weekend is better than mine!


MackTheKnife said...

I feel your pain! Yesterday was the day after a minor blizzard. Wife and I decide to go grocery shopping. Car is in the garage (yes, I actually have room for the car!), so no problem there. In the driveway there is a snow drift about 12" deep and 9' long. I (six-one and about 260 lbs) can walk over part of it without breaking through the crust. Ice underneath. Wife says "you ought to shovel that." I say, "Nah, I can bull the car through it, no problem." Wife says "you ought to shovel that." I get into the car with wife. Drive wheels get about 12" into the drift and start spinning. Can't go forward; can't go back. Have you ever tried to shovel an icy snow drift with a car in the middle of it? While your wife is standing by saying "I told you so!" My name is Bob, and I'm and idiot.

Audrey said...

Oh dear! I had to change a tire beside the road when I was in my early 20's. Have never been without the tools and a spare ever since (did have them then too)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Bob, I have more than enough stores of getting my old jeep stuck in mud and snow. But, Like you, my dad and me got his dakota 4X4 stuck when it dropped down through a snowdrift. the snow was holding the frame up while the tires spun. AND best of all..the ENTIRE town drove by watching us dig out the truck asking if we were embarassing!


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