Friday, March 27, 2009

Birdhouse Instalation.

I know, I know! With a title like this there should be a bunch of pictures of all the bird and bat houses I put up tonight. Truth is, it got dark shortly after I put the last one up and I did not have time to snap any pics. I was able to borrow the neighbor's ladder tonight and put up 4 bat houses, 4 bird houses, and 2 owl/duck houses. It took a long time and I was totally tapped out. So much so that I almost didn't carve tonight. But Since it was Thursday and I only had two seats, I toughed it out and kicked them out. It has been rather humid lately, and the last batch took 24 hours to totally dry! They did not go out this morning because they were still tacky to the touch. Hopefully these two will dry a little faster. Hopefully, I'll get some pics of the installed houses tomorrow.


Glennis said...

The nest box with the peacock painting is lovely, hopefully the little birds will love it too.

Un de Six said...

Great stuff. My mom used to burn and paint wood. This is the first time I've happened upon pieces like your in a long time. Keep it up!


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