Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Carving and "How to waste my Monday!"

Woohoo! sold seven seats today and only had to carve up 6! ( one was already carved up and ready to go!) The Tree frogs have been very popular lately and they are a favorite of Cheryl ( sarcasm) to paint. She just LOVES to paint the tree frogs! ( More sarcasm) Seriously, the tree frogs are a challenge because there is a lot of detail work and she refuses to leave them to me to paint. ( You see, I'm a slob. And I slather paint all over the edges.) Cheryl is a single- color- stay- in- the- lines kind of painter. I'm a blender ( not the daiquiri kind) I like shading. Monday was a day of disaster! I worked on finishing the cabinet for Cheryl and had everything carefully planned. It was working out fine, until I assembled the doors! Now before I go into the disaster part, I want to say that I was focused on the "sliding" part of the doors making sure they did not bind up and slid smoothly. It was great! I sanded and waxed the rails and "dry fit" the doors several times to make sure they were silky smooth and slid like air....( pats self on back) then I put the second one in and ...the patterns did not match! Cheryl was wonderful enough to point them out to me and was also thoughtful and caring to remind me over and over that I spent all day carefully cutting and gluing up the doors only to have them look bad. And it was a fatal flaw. It was the second time I seriously considered throwing the cabinet out on the burn pile! I don't have a picture of the two doors, it was too embarassing, Let's just say it looked like someone dropped a puzzle. So tomorrow I will be working on day 4 of the Cabinet. Hopefully with better results. As for Cheryl, She is too cute to make me angry. And after the Ethan " hammer and chisel "time we both had a good Chuckle over the mess.

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raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Ethan.
That sounds a little like me. Work hard a something, then try to put it all together and something's wrong! It's always my luck, so, I pretty much give up trying! LOL
Take care


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