Sunday, December 18, 2016

Allenbrite Studio: Injury Free For 0 Days. With Christmas Pizza!

Without being too graphic,  I think a day rarely goes by without some form of physical injury occurring  at the Allenbrite Studio,  Wellman Location.  Sure most of the injuries are simple muscle fatigue from the long hours of standing and sitting.   But other times,  bandages are required.   Mostly for me!

Shop tip #22,   Keep dangerous Animals out of shop
How do I manage to draw blood upon myself?   Pins, needles, sharp scissors and fabric cutters.   And the ever-present, ferocious shop cat,  who demands attention from only me.  My hands currently look like they have been handling broken glass while juggling porcupines  without gloves.  It's mostly annoying when I have to put a Band-aid on so I don't color all the stockings red.
  And Band-aids are the worst thing to open when you are sporting a gusher!  Add in that having multiple fingers taped up at any one time seriously compromises my button sewing and embroidery skills.

Well,  it was cold today.   Subie started, but was not happy about it.   He was covered in snow and ice and registered 1 degree for the start of the day.  I feel bad for him when the power steering growns as I turn the steering wheel.
For this reason, we decided to grab some hot coffee at Casey's and stay home for the day.  ( no Iowa City visit) We had a grand total of 29 stockings to make and wanted to get them done before the sun set for a change.  ( didn't work, though)

Cheryl had a few "custom orders" that needed to be addressed.. even though Custom orders have been outlawed for the last several weeks.

While she cut and set up the special orders,  I worked on my Christmas Pizza!

Keep the toppings as dry as possible.
Ready for the stove!
After yesterday,  I discovered that the toppings had to be dried.   The Frozen Salmon was the biggest problem.   I cut them into small cubes and dried them off with a paper towel so they would not create a swamp in the middle of the pizza.

10 minutes later.  
It certainly looks edible...
In the end,  the Pizza looks like a slice of Christmas!   (pun intended) Reds and greens and whites with oven baked salmon on the edges.    The pineapple adds just enough sweetness and tropical feeling to take your mind to a warmer place.

Cheryl For the Taste Test.

Careful,  The cheese is hot!
I offered Cheryl a piece to see how it would taste.   I'm guessing it was pretty good, because even the Shop cat got involved....and he Hates pineapple!
Nobody told me there was salmon flavored pizza!

Custom Dogs?   
Custom Mice?
So now, we pack up and head off into the final week before Christmas with only three sales on the horizon.  Perhaps we will be able to run tomorrow and work off a bit of this Holiday Cheer we have been accumulating.   Cheryl has an IKEA trip planned for Friday already, so we have something to look forward towards the end.   Chicago on a Friday before Christmas Eve....Oh Joy!
Custom Rabbit?

To everyone living in the frigid north:  Here's to staying warm and toasty with hopefully a warm beverage or Christmas Pizza to enjoy.  And to everyone else:  Stay away from sharp objects and feisty Shop Cats.  Your fingers will thank you for it.

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