Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Cold Iowa Weather

A short post about today's festivities.   Mostly because I'm totally burned out....after another 32 stocking day.  Cheryl is feeling it too.  But what better way to remind our future selves about the pain and suffering we endure during the holidays.
Cheryl is bundled for action!

First off.... It is cold today.   Cold and windy certainly mix for an uncomfortable cocktail of miserable.  Cheryl had to go extra-bundled today to keep from freezing.   She managed to run three miles before calling it a short training day.   It's true that after mile three, you tend to warm up....but stockings were weighing heavily on her we decided to head back to the small sweat shop we call, "Home."

The garbage guys took the garbage pile I so neatly stacked on the driveway blocker.  Too bad they did not take anything else.  
The neighborhood ruffians!

The cold weather keeps our cat from straying too far from home.  However,  the next door dogs are always frisking about as if it is no big deal.   Upon hearing them bark,  I trotted out there to give them their "be quiet and chew" treats.
They were both in track in highschool

 Usually they become so
Event:  High jump!
hysterical when I approach that they  become 10 times louder!   Sometimes,  they even trigger the neighbor in the brown house to do the same thing as I do...( bribe the dogs to be quiet)  It works!

Martin give a second bribe of treats
 But today we both had the same idea and the dogs got to double dip treats.   Who ever said animals are "dumb" really have to look at how pets control people with their cuteness.  It's their hidden skill.

Stockings!  Stockings everywhere!
Dogs, cats, and basset hounds.  Lots of basset hounds!
Other than that...stockings.   Mountains of stockings.  I'm not sure why today felt longer than usual...but perhaps it has something to do with all the custom orders Cheryl was NOT supposed to have.  People just keep sending us their request.   A message to future Ethan and Cheryl:   FIX THE CUSTOM ORDER PROBLEM.    I'm not sure how to do that at the moment...but when I read this a year from now...hopefully we will have put our heads together and come up with something.  Time will tell.

Hope everyone is having a warmer day.   There is nothing like a warm hot chocolate or cup of coffee on days like these.   However,  I can do well without any afternoon caffeine....  and hot cocoa has too many calories. ( At least they way I like it)   I guess there is always cup of soup.   Stay warm!  And Thanks for stopping in.  

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