Friday, December 9, 2016

Another Big Day for Stockings! IKEA, Felt, And The End of the Driveway Saga?

Finding it difficult to dig in the Frozen Ground!
This morning started off with the promise of light at the end of the tunnel.   Namely:  The construction guys came back for their stuff.

It was ironic that the soil was so rock-hard frozen that they literally could not get the dig into it.  They tried ( and kinda failed) to smooth out the mounds of dirt still adorning the landscape.   All of it was set up more solidly than the concrete they poured three days ago!   

IKEA furniture?   When did we order this?
The guy was cool though.  I talked to him on our way out to the street...where we were forced to park our cars....for an entire two weeks.   But I tried not to dampen his spirits with my complaints.   He was nice enough to inform me that they were done and would come back in the Spring to "finish the landscaping."   I'm "OK" with it as long as they do not tear up any more driveways in the process. 

Cheryl did not run today...choosing instead to focus our energies on catching up a few stockings.  It was terribly cold today and she needed a day off anyway.  What better time to divert that extra energy and time to the stocking shop!   
Felt, Buttons, And "other" things.

We arrived home to see that IKEA furniture had been delivered.   It was a good thing the driveway was finished,  or else the poor guy would have had to lug all that junk down the 1/4 mile of driveway...In the COLD! 

My button collection....replenished!
About a half an hour later,  UPS arrived delivering felt, buttons, and numerous other things Cheryl has been ordering behind my back.  The UPS guy is a trooper!   He has been having to make all of these deliveries following the same procedure we have....  Namely:  Walking down the entire driveway while the truck remains parked on the street.  Several times he has had to deliver even larger boxes!  We'll have to give him an extra special Christmas treat this year.  
And then on to stockings.  40 total today!  I forgot we did 36 yesterday.   40 seems a lot like 36...but it is currently 10:15 P.M. and Cheryl is still packing things up. And we did not run I'm not sure if the time is the same. 

Hiro, the "Unwilling" Shop Cat!
Hiro,  the "conscripted" shop cat,  sometimes tries to help.   Sometimes he almost seems to care.

He's trying to go outside, not inspecting.
He looks so bored....And not very helpful. 
 But his unwillingness to do the things that shop cats are meant to do is always obvious.   I remember Red and Rashe....  Oh! Those awesome shop cats! I miss them so....  especially on long days like today. 

So another mountain of stockings for us....and now we are down to only 49 open orders!   However,  many of those orders are of 4 stockings....  so that might still be a serious effort.  We shall see.

And to Celebrate our achievement?   The Calling IPA from Boulevard Brewing Co.  I really like their Wheat Beer and I have been enjoying these special season limited releases.   I have yet to try the sour ale ( probably will not.) and their special Dark beer.   But who knows.  We have not been in the spirits section in a while.   And with Wisconsin beer on the Horizon,  it is possible I might miss out on any new seasonal beers.   But we shall see how it goes.  
Hope everyone is staying warm   Lots to blog about at the moment....and A motivated, unemployed writer at the ready.  It makes for longer blog posts, I guess. Thanks for reading and stopping in.  

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