Saturday, December 3, 2016

When Being To Good is a Bad Thing.

I'm talking about the Stockings, of course.   But more!   I know what you are thinking.  "How can The Great Ethan Allen be to good at Anything?"   It's true...sometimes I even impress myself ( which is rare...) but today I discovered that my customer service skills bring in to many NEW orders!   I shall explain.

My entire job today was to tell people we were not going to be able to do their custom stockings.   My flair with prose seems to have magically swept up a number of people...because upon delivering the bad news,  they not only thanked me.... but then proceeded to order several stockings for their family....and THEN told me that they did not mind when Fido and Felix's stockings were made, because they were pets and would not notice that Christmas was over.  From Doom and Despair to even MORE SALES!

Of course,  this action gets me fired again.

Apparently.... My sales pitches are causing us to fall even further behind.   And Cheryl is more interested in getting us caught up rather than making promises for the new year.     Ah well,   who wants all that money anyway?  I guess I'll have to focus my writing elsewhere and keep my talents hidden....again.

Drive way BEFORE 
Drive way NOW
In other parts of history....I have located the blog post about the driveway fiasco in 2011!  Notice the concrete before and after.  It is reassuring that the guys are taking the weekend off.  You would think that they would embrace the extra days of Concrete drying that could happen over the weekend.   Ah well, I guess they don't live here so it is not really a priority.
Drive way NOW
Drive way BEFORE

I guess we are currently doing better than last year...which is not saying much.   Last year as almost as bad as 2012!  My hope is that all of this additional work and headache is actually worth it in the end.   We do have Boston coming up and Cheryl does not want to work at a job this summer (we shall see about that,  not that I want to either!)  So fingers crossed that Hard work actually pays off.   Because....from my limited experience,  it rarely balances out for the effort invested.

before signing off,  A few customers have blessed us with their stockings and how we managed to ...somehow,  make the season a little more festive for them...  enjoy!

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