Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cheryl's Madison Marathon Award!

33 orders Packed and ready!
Pleasant surprise in the Mail
Things started off nicely for us today.   We packed up the orders and walked the 400 meters down the unfinished driveway to our car.   Cheryl just happened to check the mail from yesterday and noticed that there was a letter addressed to her....  From the Madison Marathon people.

Masters awards!   Hooray for old age!
Inside,  was her first Masters Award ( age 40+) for her 5th place overall.   It comes at a time when we need a little boost to our egos.   Our stockings are tidal waving over us currently, and Cheryl needed at least two more medals to match last years success.   We have a race planned in Indianapolis after Stockings are over, but best,   that would land her only one medal for finishing.   This small token allows her to tie last years running season.   She is very happy.

It was a cold day today...and tomorrow it is meant to be even colder!   Despite all of this,   Cheryl decided to run the full 7 miles today.    Stockings piling up,  time being so  precious...and yet she runs.  In the cold!    Yesterday was a pleasant sunny day...but we could only run three miles because we are so far behind with the orders.    But today,  in an effort to maximize misery in the cold,   she decided that 7 miles was essential.  I'm not sure what happens to the brain of a runner during the cold,   but it defies logic.

In addition to that,  we have been forced to step up our game even MORE.  Cheryl suggested tackling 37 stockings today so we do not fall too far behind.  The real test will come next week...when we will have one week to catch totally up.

 If we are further behind than 50 stockings,   we are sunk!  (because we have to leave for the above mentioned race  at the end of it.)   so the plan is to slowly advance our number until we get caught up or get things back down to 30 a night.

With a little luck,  The garbage guys will take the digger too!
Other than that,  the Driveway continues to be blocked by machinery....and tomorrow is trash day.  This is AWESOME because they missed us last week.   and stuff is only piling up as our production continues to mount.    So.....I had an idea.

What better way to voice my dissent than to lug all of our garbage out to the front of their digger!  It will not really matter if they driveway guys decide to show up tomorrow in the afternoon.   But if they decide to arrive in the morning...before the garbage guys....  they might understand a bit how they put us out.

It probably is only a big deal in my mind.   No one will even notice.   (not even the garbage guys!)
Smooth and tasty!   Wisconsin beers are Awesome! 
 But it is late and I'm winding down with some Wisconsin beer we scored at the above mentioned marathon.  Spotted Cow Grand Cru!   It is so smooth and perhaps it effects my judgement slightly when trying to harass the construction guys about their apathetic work process.   But my small act of rebellion...other than ranting about it on these pages,  is the only way I can lash out.  Call me dangerous!

Hope everyone is getting good things in their mail today.   And hopefully the weather will not get much colder as the season progresses.   After all,  Cheryl continues to want to run in this atmosphere.   And I somehow get dragged along with her....  Have a good one!

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