Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kewash Trail Run and 34 Stockings!

The New and Improved Kewash Trail head
It was a pleasant day today, with temps in the low 30's and a slight dusting of snow....  Cheryl decided today would be a great time to take a break from stockings and visit the Kewash Trail.

The "old" trailhead...with instructions.
Things have changed a bit since our last visit....

Now to find the path to the trail.
 Hmmm, I wonder when was the last time we were here?    Anyway,  Looks like they changed the Trail head and parking place.  I can only imagine the feed Mill was getting tired of people parking and running through their property.
Cheryl takes off running!

It works out, though!  Cheryl said she was impressed that they provided a better parking area and a trail to the trail.  Now we do not have to worry about dodging heavy machinery when we come back from a long run.
I finally catch her after a mile!

The snow was actually perfect.   No wind,  light snow, and not much accumulation on the path.  We managed to see a deer and a number of cows...  now that the fields have been harvested.
Lots of Cows in the Fields.

One lone Deer

Dare Complete!
One victory for stockings!

We kept the run relatively short (only 8 miles) because we still had a few orders that needed to be caught up.  So we packed up and headed back to the Allenbrite Sweat Shop in our small apartment.

34 stockings!  Next to the fireplace.

Cheryl takes a break before packing them up.
Another 34 stocking day!  Lots of "normal" stuff today ( namely:  not many cats or dogs) Cheryl managed to get ahead of me with the sewing today....thanks to her not having to fuss over anyone's specific requirements.  With all the stockings trimmed and ready for packing,  Cheryl takes a moment to celebrate her accomplishments.
Pie and Beer next to a warm fire.   Nice!

As for me,   Black berry pie with Grand Cru beer from Wisconsin.  And the soft, warm crackling sound of an imaginary fire.   What could be better on a cold snowy evening?

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