Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dremel Tool Vs Impostor! Running of the Hills, Last Minute Stockings, and Shop Half Makeover

Today was one of the last days for stockings....again.

Somehow, we continue to sell them.   Cheryl has posted a message on the front page and on purchases that tell people they will not get their stocking by Christmas.  We feel confident that they will understand.... Hopefully.

In the mean time,   we sewed up 9 stockings this morning.   They might make it to their destination on time.   It really is up to the Post office. But off they go....  Cheryl took a few pictures of some of the "custom" .( I know, we do not do custom orders right now... right?)  and then we were off to run.

Cheryl wanted to run the hills today.  This is  Loads of fun as the weather is slightly warmer than it has been.   This causes chubby, out-of-shape, overdressed people... on bikes,   to overheat while climbing them.  Not to mention the challenge of taking pictures while coasting down hill.

Wanna see what taking pictures looks like from my point of view?  
The last thing I remember seeing.....

Something like this:
Then I saw a bright light!

Cheryl doing her best Rocky impression.
After celebrating in the parking lot,   Cheryl and I went to Menhards to pick up some junk.  ( I don't even remember what it was supposed to be!) While there,  I noticed the two speed Dremel tool was on sale for $30!

 Last year at this time,  I was forced to purchase an impostor "rotary tool"   for the same price because Dremels were almost $60!   ( even more for the "fancy" ones)  I chose poorly...even though I KNEW BETTER!

Dremel vs "Performax"   Dremel is worth it.... but wait for a sale. 
Now I'm not a paid spokesman for Dremel Tools.  But I know the difference that you can NOT tell from the packaging.  Namely, the vibrations and quality.

Dremels run smoothly and quietly.  They are lighter and vibrate less than the competition.  They are the BEST  for what they do. (which is almost everything!)   The Cheaper  Impostors spin as fast, but feel and sound like they are about to EXPLODE in your hand. They spin hot, overheat, melt, and burn out much faster than a Dremel tool.   I have not used the cheap impostor but a twice,  fearing I could break apart as it reached peak RPMs and send shrapnel to sever my fingers!   Rotary tools  are Awfully handy when you need to sharpen or cut or drill something.  But if you are afraid to use them, then they simply take up space in our toolbox.  Better to buy the more expensive Dremel tool .... (but only when it goes on sale.)
Before the Make-over 
Assembling the shelves with doors.

Hanging with the new White with Doors IKEA shelves.

We arrived home mid afternoon and I took a small stab at refurbishing the shop.  Cheryl still has big plans and time is still in short supply,  but I have been chipping away at the "easy stuff".  Here are some before and after pics of the IKEA shelving makeover.

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L. D. said...

I really need to rework my entire basement area. Cupboards would be a great start to organize the tools. I have been dumping too much and must rework it all. Your new cupboard looks great.


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