Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snow is Falling! Time for Cats and Stockings!

I wonder where the week went!   I'm beginning to feel like I'm in the Movie "Groundhog Day"  Or in the Navy SEALS during Hell Week.  Basically,  time seems to mush together and you repeat the same process over and over again.

Lucky for me,  I keep this blog....To remind me that a 24 hour period has passed.   It helps keep me in the here and now.  Sometimes.

We got lucky today when we went out for a run.  The snow,  which was predicted for today, held off for the entire run.  We even commented that the lack of wind and slightly warmer temps ( 24 degrees) were what was causing the air to seem warmer.
 I managed to capture what I think was an Owl in the woods.   The picture is not the best as I had to pull off several layers of gloves to snap the shot.

After the run, we headed to HyVee and got some kibble.  And that was when the Snow began to fly.

Luckily, it remains a small dusting and has not really accumulated much. Perhaps we may be able to run on the trail tomorrow.  We shall see how Cheryl feels.

Then back to stockings.  33 total today!   It is currently 9:30 and Cheryl is packing up the last of them now.   My job is to keep her company for the half hour it takes.  I do this by  blogging during my moments of restraint.

I also get to drink beer.   After all the stockings are made,  I'm pretty much off the I get to try a new beer and write about our eventful lives.  Today I'm "enjoying" the Dark Truth!   Sounds so mythical, doesn't it?   I say I'm enjoying it, but this Dark Stout is typical of all dark stouts I do not like.  Namely,  it is a rich smoky flavor.   I used to call it "inky"  but I think Smoky is more accurate.  I would not say this is one of my favorites....But I thought I would give it a try.  What is life without trying new things?

Lots of Cat Stockings

So many types!
Even long hairs!  With Names!

Today, the cat stockings ruled the waves!   I can't remember doing this many cat stockings at one time.   Sure, there were plenty of dog stockings as well,  but it was kind of cool seeing all these versions of cat stockings on the table.
And a few always.
Cheryl noted that she finds it hilarious when people tell her how she can do her job.  It is easy to forget that everyone who is not doing this job seems to be a professional stockings maker that is better at this than we are.  If only they would have offered their advice when we were starting out.... and their money.  Not that we would have believed them to begin with.   I guess that is just the people we must be.
Hiro Hides from the Shop Cat responsibilities. 

Red....The Mythical Shop  cat.
As mentioned before,  the last remaining "Shop Cat" is Hiro....and he does not want the job.  Today he darted out into the falling snow and hid under the neighbor's wood pile to avoid the shop.   I don't blame him much.  I'm sure, if given the opportunity,  Cheryl would follow the same option.

Those rough times were made bearable 
But while blogging yesterday,  I was reminded about our former Shop Cat ( Red) and how he took command of the matter how bleak events might have been.  Those were good times.  Small flashes of inspiration in otherwise "Dark Times".  I shouldn't bother Hiro with comparisons.  Red was a truly tough cat to follow.  But perhaps Hiro will find his own voice someday.   We shall see.   Thanks for stopping in.

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