Monday, December 12, 2016

Cold Run, 31 Stockings, Sleepless Nights.

If only I could sleep like this.
We have both gone to that "giddy" place due to lack of sleep.  Last night was rough!   I thought I was the only one having sleep issues, but turns out Cheryl did as well.   I don't know why I was unable to relax enough to finally call light out.... but for some reason I did not get to bed until almost three A.M.! And even then, I was unable to fully fall asleep.

But biology has a funny way of correcting things and I slept in until 10:30!  I simply can't win.
Cheryl prepares for 

I imagine it is all for the best anyway, since it turned out to be pretty cold this morning.  And the Late start possibly helped by allowing the sun to warm things up a touch.  At least the sun warmed up Subie a bit.

Follow the Squiggle.
A HUGE amount of stockings to deliver today.  And afterwards,  Cheryl ran the trail.   The snow was a bit deeper than the trail yesterday,  but still allowed us to run three miles before heading off to the HyVee for some lunch and beverages.

Hiro's new Bathroom

Cheryl has been the "Santa" for both Hiro and me.  Today, Hiro got a new Litter box!

 Complete with Scoop and a snazzy litter tracking mat with a cute black cat emblazoned on the side.  We have yet to see how Hiro will like it...since he seems to have adopted going outside for his nature calls.

31 more stockings!
Back to work!
And then it was back to the grind stone.  I take these pictures over and over again to remind my future self what the 2016 Stocking season was like.  Also,  sometimes I capture a cool design that we will eventually forget about.

Cheryl gets "weird"
Lots of cats...

Well,  that is all I have tonight.   Perhaps the sleepy deprivation is catching up with me.  I'm pretty sure it is catching Cheryl.   She tends to get "weird" when she is under the influence of insomnia.  Only 4 more days until we can safely relax from stockings and run a HUGE HALF MARATHON in the ice and snow....dressed like Santa!   I can hardly wait!.

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L. D. said...

Once you get the power on and you work through a long period of time, things just don't shut down. When you are the most tired the brain is keeping you alive and awake when your body would like to be dead.


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