Friday, December 2, 2016

My Brief Career in Customer Service.

Ready to Ship.
 Looks like my aspirations to handle the conversations was over almost before it began!  Kind of like everything else in my world.  It's not that I'm really bad or anything.   Rather,  Cheryl just has not made up her mind fully on whether we can continue doing the custom stuff.   And what qualifies as custom.   And if taking time to consider each one places that many more days on the customers that have already ordered.
Cheryl prepares for her morning run.


We currently are!   And so it looks like a command decision will be made shortly to "axe" all remaining requests...   Or not.   It really is up to her.   After another 30 stocking day,  She is beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.   But I'm sure it is the "Good Kind"  of overwhelmed.

Don gets a new Driveway
To add even more confusion and a touch of insult to the mix,  The guys messing up our driveway completely replaced Don's driveway. ( the neighbor who shares our drive) while leaving a huge hole in the middle to be poured later.   Hopefully it won't snow to add even more time to this fiasco.
Still a little work left at quitting time

Don't get me wrong,  I think Don is entitled to the driveway after they cracked it driving several heavy machines over it.   Not to mention he is the one that is perhaps the most inconvenienced by this disaster.

As for us:   Good enough I guess. 

But I must note that our section will be missing the last little tip of concrete at the end.  It is like the city allotted a certain limit to the   concrete and is taking it from some places while adding it to others.   Ah, the fairness of Government!
No need to fix the trench to the brown house....yet.

I'm actually just blowing this up because it is late and both of us are grumpy after a full day of "Christmas Joy."  It gives me something to blog about, after all.... with Pictures!    I'll actually be happy when the entire affair is over and we can bring Subie back to the parking lot.

As for the Customers,   I may be called upon to deal with something simple in the future.   Someone has to cut and paste that "form letter" to all those hopeful Online Shoppers.  Of course this will require that I put on a better game face.  I actually got to handle a couple questions last night, so all that exaggeration before was just for comedy and not really real.   as with most things on this blog.

Cheryl has just informed me that after she gets done "wrap-attacking" today's order,   she is going to crack a beer, guzzle it, and then take a stab at those conversations.   I believe a little alcohol during the holidays helps.
 Depending on your definition of "a little", that is.  But we currently have many wonderful beers from Wisconsin!  Just waiting to help us with our Holiday rush and customer service issues.

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