Friday, December 16, 2016

Big Weekend Plans! And Running with the Deer

Cheryl drops off yesterday's batch.
An early drop off to the post office and we were on our way to squeeze in one last run before the Santa Shuffle this weekend.   It was slightly warmer today than yesterday, and Cheryl ran the full 7 miles as usual.
4 Deer, no bucks. 

We were graced, one again, by the local deer family that hangs out in the wooded area.  I tried to capture them again, but they blend in so well that it is often difficult to distinguish them from the brush.  I thought an animation might work here, to at least show the movement.

With only 20 stockings to make for the day, we felt we could take our time in Coralville today and buy some travel food and such for the trip.  It is nice knowing that 20 stockings is a walk in the park after all of those days of 35-40 a night.
20 stockings ready for packing!

This batch marks the last "Arrive Before Christmas" stockings.  Even that is a hopeful.   We never know what the Post office people will do with them once we drop them off.

Cheryl adds the finishing touches
More Food for the Blog!
You may think that this close to the Holiday that people would "understand" that there is a high probability that their stocking will not make it before the big day.  However,  despite numerous warnings on our front page,  people continue to buy.   I can only assume they know what they are getting into.   We certainly do not want to talk them out of their purchase.

With the "brain cloud" of stockings moving on,  we can now focus on the sunshine ahead of us.   Namely:  The Santa Hustle in Indiana.   I'm preparing for extreme cold, but I hear that it may begin and end in a Stadium of some sort.   This might make my spectator activities more enjoyable.  We shall see.   There is still much to figure out, since the Expo and the race are downtown and we are staying outside of that area.  I'm hoping for a great run for Cheryl, lots of pics for me, and a really good Hot Chocolate!  We shall see.

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