Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Running, Deer, Cheeseburger.

Three more days.   Just three more.

Today Cheryl ran 7 miles.   In the cold....again.

I stopped and took pictures of some deer.

They were on the sidewalk, but by the time I took off my mitts, got off my bike, found my camera, took off my other gloves, and finally focused on them...they had disappeared into the underbrush.   I managed to capture these token photos. See if you can find them.
Find the Deer in this picture.

Here is a hint:

Things have slowly degraded to where we are now eating warmed up McDonald's food for our dinner.  Currently it is 10:30 and Cheryl is finally packing up the 34 stockings for today.  Even she is feeling the burn now.   Only three more days....I'm not sure what will happen after that... but you have to have goals if you want to survive.

1 comment:

L. D. said...

I am sure that a collapse for both of you will be merited. You products are so wonderful but it does make you have to work double time. I do enjoy those time when I can throw goals out of the door and just live for a while.


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