Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over. Cheryl's Running Songs

Cheryl gears up for another run.
Warm and sunny..
 I have been making a list of various songs for Cheryl's training runs.  Now that I finally have the tech and the time,  I took a few moments ( About 2 hours!  Which flew by!)  to assemble a few songs that we might enjoy.   The motivation is there for both of us.  For me, I won't have to constantly think of a topic for conversation to help the miles pass by faster.   For her,  She will no longer have to hear my destroy one of her favorite songs as I try to sing it while out of breath.
And no Snow or Ice!

#1 Running song.  
We got the usual ones.   Mostly Rocky songs  and a few other common ones we hear at the races.  I could not get the #1 running song.... Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.   ( An AWESOME SONG!)   But while making the list,   I found this!

Florence and the Machine the Dog Days are Over.   This song has haunted me ever since I first heard it.   I first thought it was a Chrissie Hynde song from the Pretenders.  The voices have a similar ring to them.  But FINALLY I have a name and title and an opportunity to hear it without a noisy bar or Expo to compete with it. So enjoy this song.   It starts slow and picks up...wait for it and enjoy!

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