Monday, December 19, 2016

It's a Christmas Wrap!

Three last stockings for the day and we are done....almost.  There are a few more days left before the big holiday, but... for the most part,  Allenbrite Studio is done with most of the Christmas rush.

It was a better year that last year, but not as good as 2011.  Ah well,  can't have new Personal Bests every year, right?  And there are a few days left in the season where folks may not care if things arrive after Christmas.   We shall see how things pan out, but experience tells us that the stocking season is pretty much over by this point.

With a slight break in the cold, and the stockings,   Cheryl and I went out for a leisurely 7 mile run/bike in the snow.   Only two other people were brave enough to enjoy the weather outside with us... but we never saw them.  Instead, they left only the tell tale tracks in the snow. And they only ran about half way down the path.  Cheryl and I had the entire path to ourselves.  One of the perks for handling the cold weather.

With our new found free time,  Cheryl convinced me to help put up a few of the new IKEA items in the kitchen.   They replace the red shelves, but serve the same purpose.  We may add a few additional shelves over the table when we visit IKEA this coming Friday.

Other than that, I visited the "review" section for the Etsy Shop.  A few people were more than happy to share their pictures with us.  Cheryl does not like it when I read them out loud because she hates any "bad" review.  It's funny how 6 pages of "I totally LOVE your stuff" is no match for one  "I really didn't like it" review.  There is just no pleasing some people...but I know what it is like having your stuff criticized. remind ourselves about all the holiday cheer we DID manage to send....I wanted to post these photos of our stockings people posted... in action!  Enjoy!

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