Sunday, December 4, 2016

When Living the Dream Seems Like a Nightmare

The other day, one of our neighbors said that working from home must be awesome!   And wondered how she could do it.  

I warned her not to try it....  half in jest...  Half serious!

I'm not sure what is happening this year, but we seem to be swamped!

Cheryl is giddy from lack of sleep!
Normally this is a good thing,  however we have not had a break in over a week now.  Today we sewed up another 40 stockings and the list of orders continues to grow instead of diminish.  Add in that the quitting time for each day continues to be pushed back.   Right  now it is almost 10:00 P.M.  and Cheryl continues to pack things up.
Snow covers the driveway..

Ah, but listen to me....complaining that sales are "too good!" for our own well being....  Most Etsy people would probably love to have this problem. But as the grind begins to wear on your body and mind....  sometimes you think that this will be the last year ...again.  I believe we say this will be the last time we do this every year!

As Cheryl nearly causes a disaster by packing up the wrong stocking...I'm reminded of the other news that happened today. snowed!
And the concrete

And the HUGE hole that still needs fixing
As if predicting that the driveway guys were waiting for the weather to become more festive,   the driveway is now buried under three to four inches of thick, sloppy, wet snow.  I'm sure it will only Add to the concrete dry time and make it "just that much more inconvenient" for us.

Not to mention the snow made driving to Iowa City  tons of fun.   Don't get me wrong,  Subie loves the snow!   But driving in slush is still unnerving for me because I would loath slipping off the road out in the middle of farm land.  Not only would it hurt my pride,  and Subie's....But it would take away valuable time that needs to be spent on Stocking orders!

Babe and Prince pogo for treats. 
I know more pet names than residents.
Our Cat does not seem to enjoy the snow very much...but the neighbors dogs do not seem to mind at all.   I give them treats to keep them from barking at squirrels.  It works like a charm....except when they bark at me..thinking I am coming to give them treats.   Somethings simply can't be won.

Hope everyone else is braving the weather and the holiday season better.  If it snowed in your area,  well,  good luck with that.   Snow is fun for the holidays as long as you don't have to drive in it.  I'm sure there were other things I wanted to blog about today...but between the lack of sleep and the after action beer....I can't seem to remember what they were now.   Only 14 more days of this nightmare to go!

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