Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shop Reorganization

Busy day yesterday. We shipped out 10 seats today and sold two more! WOOHOO! i didn't get a chance to update the blog because we were moving stuff around and reorganizing the packaging area. I think it looks better now and it seems to be easier to work with. Cheryl was getting grumpy over the Chaos. She does the packing since I seem to "get in the way" when I try to help. Here's a little of what we did.

These pictures were taken before and during the process. things look much better now. We send away for the Allenbright logo. so now were are stamping all our boxes with the name. I like the look of the boxes now that they have our own personal touch. As I said before, We sold two seats tonight so I will have some carving to do tomorrow. For the rest of the night, I might carve up a heraldic unicorn. Something I have been wanting to do for a while on the new seat. Oh! And Cheryl fixed up our website. check it out here...

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Jenni said...

These are gorgeous. You do great work.


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