Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 sales and one panel.

Sold 2 seats late in the day and I decided to carve them both up tonight. They were easy to carve and are usually pretty good sellers. It's funny they have not been as popular lately. Anyway, I was planning on carving up a panel tonight and decided to carve that up too. I didn't bother with the router since it was getting late and I wanted to finish all the carving tonight. I got a request from a possible client to carve up a toilet seat with blue/green flowers with perhaps a bird or two. I found this little drawing in a magazine and When I saw this drawing, I thought it was just what I had in mind. However, instead of carving up a toilet seat, which are becoming very difficult to come by. ( read previous postings) I carved up the last panel . I didn't like this one because of the stain color and hopefully we will get an opportunity to get more this weekend
Currently, I'm down to one seat in my stash. Cheryl sent an email tot he store asking them about their change over and if they still have them available. With a little luck. .. They will and we can get them once again.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Let me guess, You buy the Panels and the seats, and carve them?

If you built them, they look really nice either way.

if I had that kind of money I would purchase some off you, but we go threw Seats like no tomorrow.

We just bought one while back, the Hinge broke on it last night.

I Would like to see an Eagle one, if you have any, or have carved any. I'm a Native fan as well have native blood, and I Adore the Eagle and Indians..

Have you done anything like that before?


Estela said...

the bird looks great!!

eeniemoni said...

very cool! We've built a log outhouse and these seats would be neat. I'll have to bookmark your shop


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