Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Small change.

I carved up three seats tonight. I finished painting only two thought since Cheryl has to paint the flip flop seat. She is busy sewing up some slippers for her new project. The Cats have been Cheryl's shop cats lately. They love sleeping on her materials while she is working. Luckily they usually stay out of my shop when I turn on the vacuum.

She has been very busy as of late. Today she sold 5 stockings and two purses! I told her to prepare for the mad holiday rush this summer.. she is thanking me now. She has olmost depleted her "owl stocking" supply already!
In other news. This morning, I was surprised by a very strange, very loud sound coming from our front yard. Upon investigation, I found it to be a turkey chirping ( not gobbling) very loudly out in front of our house! The kids waiting for the bus were talking to it! As I ran for my Camera, it crossed in front of our house and into the small woodlot between the house on our other side. I could not get a picture...but it looked a lot like this one. he crossed back over behind us and was in our backyard for a while. Again, as I ran for the camera again ( yes I put it back after I didn't get the shot) He was back in the woods behind our house. This is not the first time we had turkeys in our yard. They have actually become rather common lately. but appear more towards evening. We actually have several flocks hanging around. Still, It's very cool to have them in your yard.

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esque said...

Cute kittehs! Mine always lounge around where I'm working too!


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