Friday, October 24, 2008

Coffee table Friday

Todays moto" I cut it twice and it is still too short!" So it's Friday and I'm suppose to take a break from carving and do something fun. Well, What better day to start on Cheryls Coffee table that she has been bugging me to make since the bed's completion. She has the plans and all the material list ready. So we go to Menhards and buy the supplies. Easy! I start with the legs. Cut cut cut...I assemble them. Piece of cake! Then I have to add the second shelf. OOPS! I'm off by one inch! ( too Short Of course!) How can this be? Oh! as I reread the cut list. I now know what the "top rest, and bottom rest are meant by. So Looks like I will have to start over and possibly buy more wood. Good thing it was the cheap stuff. To those of you who care about's one. My Guenevere sanding drum has once again blew out. I love this tool and thankfully, King Arthur Tools recognizes that the soft rubber part will become damaged over time. Cheryl the online shopper has purchased several new ones and they should be on their way. I was hoping to get farther with the table and post more pictures, but since it is after midnight and Cheryl wanted watch a couple of movies tonight. I'll just have to set the project aside. Enjoy your Friday everyone!


Rima said...

Hello Ethan, thanks for visiting me... and for your kind words :)
What an interesting place you have here.. pleased to meet you.
All best wishes from chilly Scotland

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Congrats on the 1" to short! LOL, Join the woodworkers club lol.

The rule of thumb is to double messaure or even 3x to make sure lol.

Ive done my far share of miss calculation and starting over, or if I didn't have the money, I would make it work 1" shorter lol.

That's why I started Scrolling a little more then woodworking because I don't' have the money to buy the bigger wood.

The smaller 1/4" sheets of wood, or even the smaller boards can get you several Projects at one time.

What movies did you watch?


The Great Ethan Allen said...

jimmy, The rule with me is I measure 8 times and still mess upp. I ike Marc's saying "throw away your tape measure" I see the merit in that saying. Plus, Like marc, I belive that showing off your "flaws" is entertaining and heartening to others who think the pros never make mistakes. ( I'm NOT a pro, BTW)

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


You are 100% True. The best work can be of an amateur or a pro, good or bad.

What you need is a measuring Stick, can't recall the name of it, but the purpose, is to have the stick or dowel longer then your work.

Then stick the dowel to your wood, end to end, then mark it on the stick, then you take this mark over to the other pieces that need the same length. No measuring needed.

Get the Drift? Basically cut one board to length, then use the stick to mark that length, then transfer over to the other for the same length, then if you are going to make the same thing again, just keep it and label it for all the parts you used, then transfer it over to your other boards, that way you got all the measurements at hand on the stick.

I'm thinking they call it story stick or something of that sort.



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