Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coffee table Saterday.

So what would a weekend project be if it didn't take you the entire weekend to complete? Easy! Well this should have been easy. After going back to purchase another board ( which I ended up not needing after all) I spent the remainder of my Saturday hammering out the details of the coffee table. After 4 hours of cutting and assembly, I discovered that I was missing one board. That's right! One! the only one I cant piece together with some combination. The long side on the table top. So I did as much as I could and loosely assembled it for the picture. It's actually looking pretty good so far. Even Cheryl is impressed and already has her mind working on other projects. The one thing about this project is that the joinery is nothing fancy. I'll work on tenons, dowels and dovetails later. I'm actually having some fun with this one. Tomorrow I will have to set the table aside and work on my carvings ( I have five to do as of right now) I hate waiting till Sunday to pile all the carving up. But the coffee table was on my bench and I wanted to work on that. Most of the hard part is done now, so I'm thinking it should not take too much to complete it. Cheryl can't wait..


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Late night post I can see. Coffee table don't look to bad on this side of the picture.

What kind of joints you using? That coffee table is just a little too basic for me. I like it don't get me wrong, I also like the complex look.

Keep up the good work so far. I thought you may of been doing some carvings on this one.

Would look nice, where the tiles were, to put a Carving in there, along with a Sheet of glass to protect it from damage.

Maybe Gold Fish or something to give the effect of 3 fish bowls in the table, a little epoxy around a blue background would give the effect of water, would be great!


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Yeah simple butt joints reinforced with wood screws. Wife won't let me carve in it. she is going for the contemporary look. besides, there is an exact picture of it in her magazine.. cant argue with new york fashion. I might play around wiht the wood scraps though and work on my dovetails or tenons.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Best way to learn. Can only perfect by doing it over and over.

You doing by hand? or by Machine? I like manpower joints better then machine power, yeah you get done quicker, but not the same.



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