Thursday, October 16, 2008

New camera anyone?

Well our cats have helped us make up our mind on getting a new camera. Basically they pushed this one over the edge and broke the battery cover. Now it is almost impossible to hold the camera and take a shot without the cover slipping off and cutting the power. We obviously needed one anyway. And this camera is so old that the stores do not even carry them anymore. I'm hoping we can get a standered 8 mega pixel one that takes decent pics...nothing too fancy ( our current camera takes only 2.1 mgp and we thought that was Awsome several years ago!) It's not like we have tons of money to throw around. I was hoping for a new woodworking toy, or a computer of my own. Ah well, camera will have to be first I guess.

By the way, Cheryl helped "pimp out" the blog now. I don't know if I am totaly satisfied with the main page, but at least we now know how to adjust things.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

I have a Nikon D40x 10.2 SLR Digital Camera. It's a very nice Camera, But it cost me close to 800 Dollars.

You might do a search for the Cool Pix Cameras I think they are called, Good MP, Good quality for Cheaper Price.

They are Pocket Cameras thou. Mine is pretty much a Professional Camera, I can changes lenses and Filters and the likes with mine.

Helps with me posting my pictures of my Projects for great Detail, not to mention, Family Reunion, Special Events, etc.


esque said...

I have a Canon SD900 with 10mps and Canon Rebel xt (which I don't use enough). I love the SD900 because it's so small and handy and easy to use. I bought it two years ago, so I bet it dropped quite a bit in price if you check it out.


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