Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 2 with New Kitten.

Well, Red and Rasha have not killed the new kitten so we seem to be ok. Red seems indifferent while Rasha is rather annoyed that we have a squeaker running around. I have to admit that I have been a little nervous since he got home. He's soo small! And Cheryl has this wonderful "Throw them in the deep end" approach to social introductions. Namely " Surprise! Say hello to your new brother!" This might work with kids. But I a little skeptical with cats. Anyway, the kitten is adjusting and so are the adults for the most part. I worked on the Door tonight for only 5 hours. I basically did everything but the berries. I think it is turning out pretty good so far and perhaps we'll get a little more in this weekend. As of this hour we have sold three seats, so I'll be working on those tomorrow. Tonight we saw two skunks on our nightly walk. I like skunks for the most part. They are rather pretty, and cute. We have known for some time that they are in the neighborhood ( their smell is the obvious sign) But each time we have seen them, there has been no smell. even though we have been very close at times! ( they only spray when they are startles or scared) Cheryl often compares me to the Crocodile hunter, Since I usually catch or pick up wild animals. But Even I'm not going to mess with a skunk! In my old Taxidermy days, I had this wonderful Skunk scent eliminator. It is Amazing! Totally neutralizes the scent. But I have never needed it for a live skunk. For now, I'll be quite happy observing them from a distance. Oh! In other news, Cheryl got her "Allenbright" labels and has been sewing them into her Christmas pillows all day. She is almost done for the night as I'm writing this. They make the pillows look so professional now! See her entire line here..


Rosebud Collection said...

The kitten is adorable..Now about those skunks...we have them here and out of a sound sleep you wake up from their smell..They are pretty at a distance..I did see a mama move her babies during the daytime, and it was a beautiful site..sorry I didn't have a camera..

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

You 2 jut have a whole line of stuff to sell don't you!

Impressive. Maybe I ought to sell some of my Smaller projects!

Make some extra Money!



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