Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cupboard door part 3

So I worked on the cupboard door this evening and finished up the berries. As I look it over, I see there are still some spots that need a little work. and I should sand down the entire background to remove the tool marks that nicked certain areas. After than I'll stain it up and I have not decided if It will need to be painted.
I'll carve up the seats tomorrow. Hopefully we will sell some more and I can do one entire batch. We sold another one tonight and someone ended a couple but has not paid for them. This will, of coarse, make Sunday my busy day. I'm not fond of pushing everything till Sunday, But it frees up a Saturday from time to time.
This week, even though I did not blog about it, I was able to put up my last three bat houses. I'm thrilled! And with a Little luck, they will be full this coming spring with little flying bug eaters. You see, we have a rather annoying mosquito problem here in the swampy spring time. They are unbearable! And a bat will eat 1000 of these little bloodsuckers an hour. That sounds good to me. so with no harsh one time chemicals, we can kill the bad bugs and have a fat and happy population of bats. It's too bad they get a bad rep. They are actually quite cute. And I have had the great fortune of actually having one as a pet for a few months in Minnesota. He ate all the ice fishing buddies bait and flew around my dorm room till the spring was in full thaw. I have already had a small population check out my first house. It had been there almost 4 years. I'm hoping the new ones are build to better specs and will attract them sooner, or better yet....permanent residents!


TheresaJ said...

What a fabulous idea! I had no idea that people actually built bat houses. I agree though, I'd much rather have bats than use chemicals. I'm well known for not taking down the spider webs regularly - in my house or outside my front door around the light - as the spiders do such a great job of catching flying pests. And besides, I love spiders -- they're natures little artists/crafters.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

spiders scare me. ( it's a long story) even thougt most bugs don't. I love the webs though. they are very pretty and itricate.

Rosebud Collection said...

Your work is beautiful..but about those bat houses..I have to tell you, bats scare the heck out of me..Many people put bat houses up around here, they are wonderful bug eaters, but I still don't like them..Had one get in my house and we all went crazy..yep, screaming and the whole bit..

Rick said...

You do great work!

And we love our bat house. We put one up on the side of *our* house so that the bats would nest there instead of under the shingles. It worked.

We encourage the bats to be close to us ... they eat TONs of mosquitoes!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Come to thing about it a bat house would be nice to have in the high bug areas.

May have to build one myself, do a little research on the matter for the specs and Build one!

Always thought they were cool looking myself! I Am also going to build a Butterfly House, they are very cool also...



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