Sunday, October 19, 2008

One of those days!

Well, I finished the seats and sold three more ( YEAH!) But I was having one of those days...Cheryl calls me "Midas" for a reason. and sometimes it is true. Like a Seinfeld Episode, On certain days, everything I touch gets worse! Tonight, before we started painting, Cheryl asks me to vacuum a bit so she can have time to sew. Believe it or not, I didn't mind for a couple of reason. One: Cheryl always manages to mess up the Vacuum and I end up taking it apart and unraveling the ball of yarn she has run over,( causing the smoke, burning smell, and high pitched whine) Two: Cheryl never empties the vacuum, so it loses suction 5 second after she starts it. and Three: Cheryl is kinda short so I have to reach the corners etc. And 4: Any man can vacuum...right?
So, I start in the kitchen. I have to empty the vacuum and, right away, lose the cover to the filter. I look everywhere but can't find soon as I ask Cheryl for help...It miraculously appears! Ok, Slow start but now it's ready. I now have to unravel the cord that Cheryl just loops over the handle. Five minutes later ( and several choice words) It's untangled and the floor is covered with attachments. I'm getting frustrated now...The vacuum is dropping parts like autumn leaves! Slow down, breath deep ....start it up. start vacuuming.. I get the little bits of cat food and felt scraps easy. Then I see I can't get the area around the table. I decide to move the table ..or else Cheryl will point out that I missed a bunch of stuff and I suck at vacuuming ( no pun intended) So I move the table. Start vacuuming and BANG! hit my head on the kitchen light! (OUCH!) but that is not the bad part. the light now breaks out of the ceiling, and swings like a pendulum and smashes into Cheryl's sewing machine. sending it crashing to the floor where the front door and the light bulb break! With this, still rubbing my damaged skull, Cheryl comes out and wonders why I can't do a simple task like vacuum the carpet. You see, She is convinced that I "mess up on purpose" so I won't be asked to do that task. ( same with laundry, put it all in one load right? saves on soap and time...what's wrong with that) To be fair, this is why I cook. Cheryl doesn't cook very well ( I'll leave it at that) So now she is mad at me ( not really) because we have to go to the store to buy another bulb so she can sew tonight. She really is not angry ( she loves me after all) It's just that she is right on my Midas touch on certain days. BA!! Now she won't let me vacuum anymore.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello Ethan. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog. I know you found my name through Jimmy's blog. I live in the same town as he does. My camera is a Canon EOS D30. 70-300 mm zoom lens.
You do great work on those toilet seats. I really like the butterflies. Have you ever done a raccoon toilet seat?

The Great Ethan Allen said...

as a matter of fact, yes! Here is the link

I'm looking for a newe camera..on a budget though. Cats messed ours up but it is still working. I'll have to check Canon out. thanks!

Art By MAR said...

Sounds like my house! I accuse my husband of the same thing--messing up so he is not asked to do a chore again. He is not allowed to do laundry ever since he put almost a whole bottle of bleach in a load and all his underwear fell apart! Also I can't cook either--he does do that well!

Jane Grafton said...

You do beautiful work! Thank you for visiting my blog. I grew up near New Ulm, MN (Gaylord) and my sister now lives in Fruitport. Small world!

Estela said...

hahahahaha!! Oh no!!
What adventures you had with vacuuming! I loved the way you told this, I felt like I watched this unfold! haha

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Great Story! Sounds very Painful, I'm lucky to be short so I don't hit anything lol.

Glad to see you checked out Ethan's Place Lisa. He's a really Nice and Talented Guy.

I only wish I had his carving ability it could do some of my Crafts some good.

He's like me in a Since, Carvers Know No Straight Lines, that's about true for a Scroller as well, No Straight Lines here either.

Oh Hey Ethan, I just got finished Signing into etsy. Gonna check it out and see if I Can Sell some of my Scroll Stuff.

Gonna get out a few of my Ornament Patterns and Scroll Some out for the Christmas Flow and see what I Can come up with.


raccoonlover1963 said...

I just checked out the link. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have raccoons all over my house one way or another. They are my absolute favorite animal. I'm going to be depressed when we move because I have been feeding several raccoons and a couple of opossums and I can't take them with me :(
You might try looking into buying a used Canon. A friend of mine has bought used Canons online and is very happy with them.


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