Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy days!

It has been crazy these last three days. Sorry for missing a couple of days this week. I have lost count on how many seats I'm currently behind. I was able to carve up 6 seats and prep two others. ( total of 8) I still have at least 2 more left. Yesterday, We went to Grand Rapids to find seats and fix the car. We got lucky and found 15 at two stores. However, by the time we got home. I was totally spent. Tonight, with the new shop cat's help, I have to watch the poly dry so I can get two coats on before they ship tomorrow. ( Friday is last day of the week to send stuff.) Oh before I forget! November is WRITE YOUR NOVEL month. That is right for all you budding story tellers out there. Two years ago I wrote mine, ( last year my computer died on, that's right! November 1st!) So I will not be writing one this year. the rules are simple. In 30 days, write 50,000 words. That's it! It can be done because, I did it! Some day I Will try to get it published. It's still kinda rough ( I have a typing problem with end quotes, Weird huh?) Anyway, It was fun to do, and I did it while carving this many seats! Couple of pages every night. Much like blogging. Let me know if you are going to try. I would love to hear your progress reports and be your cheerleader. I also know that many of you that read this are probably getting geared up for the holiday rush on Etsy. I agree that November was a strange month to put it in, But I celebrated every page with a warm cup of flavored coffee, topped with whipped cream, ( it helps!) Here's the web site, They must be gearing up because the site is doing maintenance as of the writing of this post. I Hope you go check it out.
Cheryl wants me to write another one, And I must admit, I am tempted. I have at least three other stories running around in my brain. Cheryl is really the writer even though she did not finish hers that year, nor attempted one since. She is quite the eloquent writer and actually taught college English, philosophy, and logic. But she says that she has not yet earned enough "life experiences" to have a story to tell. I think she should write a book on how we started our business. Hope you try it, even if you don't complete it you can at least get an idea of what is involved. Good Luck!

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Estela said...

That's great you found seats!!
You should write another one! If you have them swirling around in your brain, might as well, right?


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