Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cats! Soaps, headache, and two sales.

Well, I had the most excitement today when I woke up thinking I would finish the Cupboard door carving tonight. Even when Cheryl informed me that we had sold another seat, I thought I would still have time to do it all. but then.... I got a bummer of a headache that basically wiped me out for a couple of hours. I was afraid I would lose my Mojo after it was gone, but , with a little help from the cat, I did manage to finish the two seats that had to be done. The cupboard will have to be saved for another rainy day. Not to hard to figure that out, Cheryl thinks they are a waste of my times since that rarely sell. ( I understand some, Original art is pricey and they odd stains and designs of the doors make it almost impossible for anyone to buy them for a kitchen.) Anyway, we sold yet another seat late this evening after I had already carved up the two. So I will have something to do tomorrow as well. Tonight Cheryl decided that we had to get good doughnuts from the store this time to go with our cider.( in the event we watch a movie) Well, the chocolate cake doughnuts are deadly sinful and they go with the cider soo well. We were going to make them last two's not looking very good right now. Also, Cheryl decided that we need to move some things around to reorganize our areas again. ( a hold over feeling from the bedroom weekend) So she drafted me to put the soaps in the closet and make room for her stockings and pillows. I have to admit the soaps actually don't look too bad now that we got them out of the dark garage. Now we get a wonderful aroma of Fruit and vanilla whenever we open the pantry door.
Speaking of movie, save your time and don't watch "maid of honor" its horrible cookie cutter "romantic comedy" I saw it last time when it was called "my best friends wedding" Even Cheryl was bored. There was neither much romance nor comedy in it. And at least BFW ended better with the immature single getting stiffed by the person willing to make a commitment. Worst romantic comedy that did not star Kate Hutson. (That is saying a lot because I usually like them) ah well just my opinion I guess. Perhaps you will like it.


Rosebud Collection said...

You are really doing good with the carved seats..Wonderful. Now about those donuts..they sounded pretty darn good..Never saw the movie, and now I know I don't want to..
Soaps look great..Good job..


Glad the head has gone, nothing worse. The seats are wonderful.

That soap looks delicious too, not that I would eat it, and now we know what movies NOT to watch this weekend, lol :0)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Your seats are beautiful. Oh and those chocolate donuts looks pretty good too:):)

Estela said...

hahaha I feel the same way about made of honor!! I was in the mood for something lovey dovey and rented that and was so bored and mad because it was too typical. Very predictable.


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