Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Carving a Cupboard door.

Ok! So no sales today. So I find myself with new found time. I have several projects that I have had on a back burner. We have this wonderful place in Holland, Mi. that goes into old houses and salvages various items that may be dated but still have value. I have found this a wonderful place to get solid oak cupboard doors for CHEAP ( $1! each!) I then take them and carve various scenes in them. You may have seen the Ship project I did in August. Well there are trade offs with each door. Namely, some are damaged, ( as shown here) have old stain or scratches, and some still have their old hardware rusted into the wood. Well, a little glue and a clamp and I have fixed the joint, and eventually I will remove the finish and try to match it after the carving. Here is the inspiration piece. After the join sets up. I'll transfer it to the wood and start carving.

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