Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Doughnuts and Apple Cider!

Well I carved up the seats tonight and they took a little longer than usual. Mostly because I only have two and I tend to dilly dally when its easy, but also because they were both fish. I love carving up the fish. Perhaps because I am a fisherman and I like the detail that is involved in making the fish look as real as possible. This also goes for painting. Anyway, Cheryl got a craving for Apple Cider and Old fashioned doughnuts. During October in Michigan, we are about as apple crazy as maybe Washington state. ( maybe more!) And you can go to a cider mill and watch it being squeezed right before your eyes. The taste of freshly squeezed cider is to die for ( really, there is no hard, bite that aged cider has) It's so smooth, in fact, that you could drink a gallon without realizing it, until it hits your intestines ( I won't go there!) Lets just say, moderation is the key in drinking fresh Cider.
Anyway, being late at night, most orchards are closed and doughnuts from a store are stale. So Cheryl whips out our old Doughnut maker. It WORKS! and the doughnuts are not very flavorful, but they are fresh! Well, fresh doughnuts don't last long on a chilly October night. As I'm writing this, I'm eating them with some coffee. ( only one glass of cider, see above for reason.) Cheryl says we will try a better recipe perhaps tomorrow. Maybe with a chocolate glaze.( chocolate makes everything taste better.) For now powdered sugar is all we have.


Rosebud Collection said...

Hey, this sound like a cozy time..Doughnuts/cider/coffee..We have many apples here too..Your work is really wonderful..

Jennifer said...

Yum! What a perfect night...some creative time, homemade donuts and fresh cider! I just got some as a gift and you are right, it goes down so easily. The taste is amazing and perfect, but watch out...LOL!

nichole said...

You had me at "donuts and cider!"


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