Saturday, October 4, 2008

Soaps anyone?

Ok for all of those who have never made soap and think that the Etsy people either charge too much or that anyone can do it ..think again! Cheryl and I wanted to start a new business venture that we both can do and make us money during the off season ( namely.. the summer) anyway, we both liked soap and several years years ago got hooked on the real stuff made by a fellow crafter. Well, we stopped going to craft shows ourselves , but still buy from various sappers etc. We decided to give it a go for ourselves. Cheryl bought a book and some oil, lye, and mixing containers. What fun! our first batch did not turn out too badly and we are currently using it. We were emboldened to try some scents and colors with mixed results. the scents are great and combinations are wonderful but some of the colors turned our soaps into a muddy bla color. According to the book, we should "test" and "perfect" our skill for at least a year before selling it full time. I hate to admit it but it seems she may be right! Both of us have college degrees ( two each! Yea for advanced education!) so hopefully we will speed up the learning curve a bit. Brother's gotta get paid! so they say...and we are in this to make money right? So...Here are a few pictures of what our soaps look like.

And here are some from the professional Etsy folks. First up Swanmountain soaps ....They are from Alaska! ( I love Alaska but I won't go into detail here because I could write a book. This is their shop Here are some of their soaps.

I love the Amber beer one. i had my first legal beer in Alaska, and the Alaskan Amber is really good. Maybe it was good because of the atmosphere. Don't know, But I can tell you the Alaskan Pale Ale is kinda flat and bla. My opinion.
If you shop on Etsy you will eventually know Dennis Anderson. His shop is here: and he sells just about every soap under the sun. He is one of the top sellers and if you visit you will see why.
Next is Aromatic body oils. She was the featured seller on one of the Etsy front pages. ( I think anyway, at least she is a full timer like the rest of these. Find her here... Her shop is amazing! and intimidating for starters like Cheryl and myself. Here are some of the really great soaps she has.

There are many more but I don't have the space to list them all. You should check some out from time to time. Find your favorite flavor or color and maybe even send them as gifts. Once you try REAL soap there really is no going back to the garbage they sell in the stores. ( my opinion) Cheryl and I have a ways to go, and the turn around time is sometimes a month or more. ( the hard part is the waiting for the stuff to be done).


Giftbearer said...

Some of these really look like pieces of fudge. One of these days I'll have to try some of this soap found on Etsy.

ZAJA Natural said...

Thank you so much for featuring me, that was a really great writeup!


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