Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Kitten!

I had the entire day planned when out of the blue we see a kitten that Cheryl just had to have. Now this is not a spur of the moment

thing. We have been planning on getting a new kitten for Christmas. So I guess it got moved up a couple of months. So We have to put off the new camera we have been thinking of. This one is still ok for the time being. But, As with all kittens, this one is cute and cuddly. He is suppose to be Cheryl's since I somehow manage to steal them from her. Red and Rashi love me! And I can't help it, I'm just so lovable. Anyway, He is cute and Cheryl is thrilled with him as you can see. I have to tell her to play with him so he will "bond" with her and not me. ( and I'm trying to ignore him and comfort the other cats so he doesn't love me more....this is very difficult.) The other cats don't seem to be too offended by his presents. I was hoping Red would end up playing with him since he loves to play as much as any kitten. We'll see.

I Carved up the Bear cub seat tonight despite having been derailed a bit. The seat was easy and I actually had a little time to mess with the cupboard. Not much though, I'll save the lions share of it for a day I can give it more time. Cheryl painted the bear cub since she now has taken the that seat as her specific paint job. I don't mind since it is a popular seat and she can save me some time. So that is that. Surprise! New kitten....I think I'm still in shock. But he isn't going back. When we decide to adopt something. it's ours forever. Oh, by the way, Red and Rasha are the two cats on the chair and the sheepskin, Bear ( neighborhood cat) is the one in the middle. Technically, he is not ours....but he thinks he is as you can see.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Hey Ethan,

Wanted to say thanks for posting on my Blog, Means alot to see some of the same faces keeping an eye out for new and older woodworkers.

Sorry I've not posted on yours til now, been busy in the shop (Garage) and all trying to get some shop pictures for the Tour, Trying to get the Shop Cleaned up and building a Scroll Saw Table so I Can bring in my saw to work on some stuff this winter.

So I've been busy, and with it close to winter Ive been in and out of the shop as much as possible, it's not heated, but it's insulated, but still cold lol, not to mention snow and wheelchairs don't get along!

Anyway, Gonna head out, time to get some Grub on the table! I am looking forward to seeing more of your carvings, they are outstanding, I would love to get into that also, but I'm not that creative.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Oh, Nice Kittens by the way lol, was off topic...


Christina Silverio said...

Such a sweet littl thing! There's nothing like snuggling with a kitten... *sigh*
Your woodwork is incredible; so much skill and beauty! I love seeing your new creations!

esque said...

That is the most adorable kitten!

Rick said...

Congratulations on your new kitten!


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