Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool nights and hot cocoa.

Sold two tonight. So total of three carved and painted. With the new found time, I was able to make Cheryl a hot chocolate. Now it might be the culinary artist in me, but simple Swiss miss just won't do . Cheryl always gets mad at me for adding all this stuff to her cocoa, but she never seems to be disappointed by it. The recipe is simple enough. One pouch of Swiss miss ( Cheryl insists on this) 2 Tbs or Carmel flavored syrup, Boiling water, whole milk ( about equal portions to the water, to cool it down) and Whipped topping on top. The whole milk is great for the creamy flavor. Red agrees! Thanks for the cat germs, buddy! Now you might be asking where did we get those cute little Hersey cups? We ate about 1000 Hershey kisses and saved up the wrappers! ( I also have a great Hershey sweatshirt) what better way to warm up on a cold night!


Jennifer said...

YUM!!! What a lovely treat and in such hard earned fun mugs :-)

Congrats on your sales.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I want some! Actually, never had it with caramel in it.

Thing bout making some hot tea right now.

Then get back to work, gonna make some Christmas Ornaments and see how well they sell.



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