Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy Saturday! Carvings and Car repairs! Oh my!

Sold a total of 7 today! I only had to carve up six since I had one in stock. Friday was spent hunting down seats all over Holland, MI. and I didn't mention it before but we discovered a small leak of coolant from the front of our car. Well, Midway through Holland, We started overheating! Very Stressful! Our car is not new and we do not have the cash flow yet to buy a "good" one. Basically our car is old. Runs great! but has "issues" from time to time. Well we added some stop leak to the radiator and as of right now. It seems to be working. About two months ago we blew a radiator hose After most stored had closed and that was stressful limping our car to the Autozone to buy the part. ( we only have the one car) Sometimes it's like chasing your tail, you have some good sales, then watch it trickle away. I'm very happy for the sales though, and since we had a few come in late this evening, I decided on making it a carving only day. We will paint them up tomorrow.
Cheryl took a picture of the leak and sent it to her brother (Who is a profesional Mechanic ) for a better assessment. I don't think it is the water pump. I'm hoping it is just the gasket and the stop leak fixed it. The only way to find out is to take it all apart, and even though I did put in the radiator, alternator, and fan belt, This job is slightly more challenging for a "small time" mechanic such as myself. ( I still have to learn how to change my own oil!) Hopefully Andy will give us the prognosis tomorrow and the damage won't be too bad.


Rosebud Collection said...

Car repairs are a big drag and it is hard to find someone you trust to take care of least that is the way it goes here..Your doing good selling the carvings..Good for you.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Do you trace on the patterns? or do you draw them on?

Just wondering what time saving feature you used the most to achieve your outcome of the image on your seat!


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Jimmy, I used to draw everything freehand. with mixed results. It was hard to be consistant. Then I discovered the miricle of carbon paper! Cheryl prints out the picture and I carbon copy it onto the seat. Similar to tracing only the carbon paper is on the underside. good carbon paper is hard to find. IT has to be the real deal that gets your hands black or else it wont leave a mark on the wood. (graphite paper is crap at this.)


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