Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two seat day. Cheryl's shop is going crazy!

So I started the day selling only one. ( cherry blossom) But Cheryl has been selling stuff faster than she can make it! The Christmas rush is beginning early on Etsy! She gets up and lists new items and sells them as soon as she gets them on. Her area looks sparse because she can't keep it stocked. It's unfortuneate that she does not get much for each one because She puts in a lot of time into them. I sold a Golden Lab later tonight so that brought my sales up with hers. Luckily I had it in stock and did not have to carve it up. We have run into yet another supply problem..this one with Packaging. We use packing paper in our boxes and even though Cheryl ordered it over the weekend, they did not email us confirmation till tonight. So several seats were delayed till tomorrow. Isn't running a small business fun? My dad always thinks businesses are greedy for charging retail. Until I actually started my own business I agreed. now I remind him that some one has to pay for the lights, lease, employees, taxes, inventory, shipping, insurance, and ultimately profit for shareholders ( if any) And much, much, more.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Geeze, maybe I should get started on my Christmas stuff and Post it so I can get some sales.

BTW, been meanin to ask you. When you post, do you pay taxes on the stuff you make and Sale?

Cause technically, it seems more like an ebay store, they charge you 3.9% on top of a .20 Cents insert fee, this should cover your taxes right?

Since they never asked for your S.S.I. # nor a Tax ID #.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Was meaning to tell you. Goto www.feedburner.com, It's for blogging and all that.

You can get your blog out to more people. I've had mine on feedburner for awhile now.

Check it out, may give you the extra boost that you need for Sales.

Tells you how many people come to your site and from where, and what they use to get there (IE, Firefox) along with a few others.

Could do you some good. It's also an easier way for people to get your stuff, it tells them every time a new entry or video or picture has been posted. Kinda like the RSS Server and Live Feeds, well actually that's basically what it is.

Anyway, just wanted to let you in on it


The Great Ethan Allen said...

thanks jimmy, I'll check it out...I have 4 to carve tonight and the car is still giving me problems...I'll post later tonight. I'll have to think about the taxes...we have a tax number.etc. but there are other things....


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