Friday, October 17, 2008

Keeping things Sharp!

Having no sales tonight, ( actually just sold one an hour ago) I decided to do a little maintenance with my chisels. They are very old but still can be sharpened to an face shaving edge with a little time. Every now and then I dig them out to touch up a panel carving. Chisels are great for getting into and under those tight corners. Having dug them out for the panel, I realized that some were rather dull or shipped. ( because I don't take the best of care of them, I'll admit it) Anyway, not all needed sharpening, just the ones I used. I'm not fond of sharpening, It takes too long and I am always convinced I can get it more sharp. Then I will burn the tip or slip and dull the fragile tip. Since I mostly power carve, I don't lose much sleep on this subject. But part of me thinks that ole Gramps is looking down and disappointed that I do not take better care of his chisels. ( then I remember, I found them rusting in a utility drawer. Some with no handles!) Well it is rather soothing to hone the chisels to a razor sharp edge. Then I pack them up and put them away for several months till I randomly dig them out again. To be fair, I have used them on several projects, though never exclusively. I always break out my power tools at some point in the process. Here are some of my other carvings I have used them on. I temporarily fixed the camera by using a 6 " clamp to hold the battery cover on. It works! and actually holds better than before. I still want a new one thought.

1 comment:

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Very nice work Ethan.

Wish I had an eye for carving.

Just don't have an eye for detail that much along with much imagination.

I guess that's why I stick with woodworking and stuff I can do lol.



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