Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Carved cupboard door part 3 Oh and one sale! YEAH!

Ok, Last post for the night. We still have a movie to watch! Not to mention the cats have "escaped" and are roaming around in the rain! One is still AWOL. Regardless, I roughed out the carving with the router. It's fairly easy, just drop in a square bit and push it around, avoiding the lines you drew. The hard part is dealing with the dust and chips that it kicks out. Not too bad with a dust mask and ear/ eye protection, but somehow I always seem to manage getting a bunch of dust in my eyes. So after the first go around with a 1/4 inch bit, I drop in an 1/8 inch bit for the really detailed stuff. I still leave a Little waste around the berries and leaves, I'll clean those up later with the Dremel. I posted a few close ups even though my camera hates them. For now, It's shower time! then grab some October comfort food and curl up with Cheryl on the sofa. I think the movie is " Made of Honor" or "son of Rambo" I have to be honest, Son of Rambo is sounding better to me... Ah, and just before midnight, someone paid up for their Grapevine seat....So I'll probably be carving that tomorrow ( hopefully more! )


Giftbearer said...

What a gorgeous design! I bet you have the prettiest cupboard in the city!

TheresaJ said...

That's amazing -- no, you're amazing! And what a great resource -- to recycle old solid wood cabinet doors. Fabulous -- any way you look at it!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey thanks! IT's actually pretty cool that they salvage these things from old houses. they also save bathtubs, Pews from old churches, Shudders, pipes, Everything! Some of the stuff is soo old and "ugly" that it shodul probably be burned! But it's very hard to find a solid wood panel door that is this inexpensive. Plus they are fun to carve.

Bobbi said...

This is gorgeous stuff! Really amazing, I would like to feature you on my blog some day. I will get back with you about that. In the mean time I will "heart" you.


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