Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday mad house!

This week is becoming a crazy week! I carved up 5 seats tonight and I'm still 7 seats behind. The cat won't stop meowing, tomorrow I have to fix my car, ( prob no carving then either) and I still have to find a supply of seats! now more than ever!. The guy from our old supplier called and told us they are discontinuing their line of seats. Monday I spend all night trying to make a seat completely out of plywood. I'm still on the fence on how it turned out, if it is sell able, if anyone will care or even notice, And if the seat will meet the "perceived" quality of customers. there is little doubt that a plywood seat is very stable and strong. Splitting is always an issue with the solid wood seats. Splitting would be virtually eliminated with the plywood. It all boils down to how it looks. So here is a picture of the bear seats made completely out of Baltic birch ( I really want to go with the red oak plywood) Cheryl thinks that we should stain it lighter, then the lines of the lamination would be less evident. The overwhelming evidence is that all the stores are discontinuing the solid wood seat. We will need to adapt or fold! Making the seats myself would mean more work for me, but I would have control of the supply. Ultimately, I'm going to have to take the plunge! And leave the cat to turn the lights off.


Estela said...

That's a bummer about suppliers discontinuing that wood! I'm sure you'll figure out what to do and the seats will still be high quality and look amazing!
I love the last picture! too cute!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Tell you what. You give me the Dimensions, and I will craft you some good Seats and you can purchase them from me.

That way, I get money from my Craftsmanship, and you get good Craftsmanship product from me, and then you get a Good turn around by cheaper seats just as sturdy if not better then the original.

And we both come out ahead lol

I was wondering what happen to you, not seen you around n a bit, nor commenting on my Blog and all...


TheresaJ said...

Quite the dilemma you've got there. I'm sure you'll figure a way around it though -- which might just be the comment above. Good luck!


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