Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday night carving.

5 seats carved up tonight. It was fairly easy and even though I was ahead of the curve, I was still unable to get the poly on before 2 am. Maybe because I take as much time as I can when I actually have the time to spend. Well, they are done now so I just have to wait another 4-5 hours till they get their second coat. The kitten seems to be adjusting fine. He's quite the talker! He was playing with Red on the cat pole this evening.
Cheryl's sales have been picking up! She is beginning to slack off on her "toilet seat" job for her sewing one. lol! ( not that she has too much to do for the seats, she finished listing them all last week.) I'm very happy that she is starting to get the sales I thought she should have got all summer long. On a different note. We just came back from the store tonight and found out they have gotten a resupply of toilet seats. The bad news is....they are not solid oak! They are instead wood pulp covered with veneer. They are thin and look like they would break in a heartbeat! I'm very bummed because I have made a commitment to get the finest constructed oak seats we have found that are still affordable. I now am faced with the problem of going back to a previous distributor that has proven rather unreliable. ( this is what had driven us to the higher quality seat before.) anyway, Lowes has gotten in a new shipment of seats and I'm thinking we should investigate them to see how they will match up. I'm not fond of Lowes, since they always seem to run out of seats when Christmas comes. And their stain is lighter and the seats are Birch or popular instead of oak. Ah well, There are other stores in the area that may not have sold out of the preferred seats yet. So Cheryl thinks we should stock up on what we can. The problem is we don't have a lot of investment capitol to put to buying 100 seats or more for the holidays. We'll have to see how it goes from here.

2 comments: said...

You do beautiful work - especially that door. Details and carving are gorgeous!

Estela said...

the kitten is adorable!!!
That's a bummer about the resupply not being what you want!


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