Friday, October 3, 2008

Bedroom makeover!

Well, It's finally finished! The carved bed I have been working on for several months ( on and off anyways) is finally finished enough to actually assemble and sleep on! This afternoon, instead of the usual bookstore visit for a relaxing cup of Joe, We came right home and started working on the final finishing steps of the bed. Cheryl wanted to repaint the bedroom while we had the old bed disassembled. As I'm writing this, she is still working on the third coat, and it is 1:49 AM! As soon as it dries, we have to disassemble the bed and move it from the garage to the bedroom. Hopefully I will snap a couple of pictures with the bedding on it after it is all done. I did not know just how crappy our camera is until I snapped these pics in the garage. We went to the store the other day and they are clearance cameras that blow ours away. 8 mega pixels! I don't know if that is good or bad at the current technology level, but our current camera only has 2.1 mega pixels and that does not sound as good. Not to mention ours is big, about the size of the old 35mm cameras, and broken( it was dropped and the battery cover falls off from time to time) ) The modern ones are the size of a credit card. I'll post more pictures when we are done.

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