Friday, October 17, 2008

My Alaskan Soaps!

I'm very excited tonight! We got our Alaskan Soaps and I just tried out the apple pie amber soap and love it! We got it in the mail today and part of the package was open so I thought we might be missing a bar. But everything was there and then some! She gave us a complimentary Spruce tip jelly. Cheryl just toasted up a slice of bread and buttered some on. Its really good! We are trying to compare it to something we have tasted before, but can't! It's like a totally new flavor. Sufficiently sweet, with not too much tart. Very smooth and jelled. Anyway, the soap was a thick block slice( perfect fit in my hands) smelled good enough to eat! It was like I was back in Alaska for a few moments. Cheryl wants to try the pumpkin pie one later tonight. The only thing that is an observation, not a complaint, was that we had to wait 7 days for it ( hello! It was from Alaska! 4-5 days to get a letter to and from there) But the soap was worth the wait! You can find her shop here on etsy. It makes me miss Ak. I worked up there for two summers while in college. Then I requested to be stationed up there when I was in the Army. ( Ft Wainwright Battalion Mortars baby! YEAH!) There are soo many and yet not enough words to describe Alaska. If you look at some of my workshop photos, you will see some moose antlers and caribou head from there. ( don't worry, I never shot the moose) We sold three seats today for a total of 4 as of right now. I will most likely carve them up tomorrow. I did score three more cupboard doors from Holland MI. Resale store ( Solid oak $1 each! ) Cheryl says I have to build her her coffee table before I can carve up another one though.


esque said...

Congrats on your sales! I love getting soaps in the mail!

Estela said...

I need to start buying my soaps on etsy! I bet the pumpkin pie one is amazing!

ZAJA Natural said...

Mmm, those look yummy! Lots of wonderful soapers to be found on Etsy


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